• Alimentation Micro ATX 380W

    Bloc Alimentation LC POWER Micro ATX 380W V2.2

    - Prix : 39€

    Technical overview

    Power supply type Micro ATX
    ATX standard ATX V2.2
    20/24 pin mainboard 1
    4 pin mainboard 12V 1
    PCI-Express -
    SATA 1
    PATA 4
    FDD 1
    Mark of conformity CE
    Fan 92mm
    PFC passive
    Dimension h x w x d 65/80 x 125 x 145mm
    Weight (retail) 1,430 kg
    Power rating 380W
    +3,3V 20A
    +5V 20A
    +12V1 15A
    +12V2 10A



    Incl. PFC (power factor correction for an efficient use of the spent energy) and all relevant safety circuitry





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